Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Are Europeans Romantic?

No, it has nothing to with love, ... it never has. The question is whether we Europeans are in love with the welfare state? If you have a lot of time, read The People Romance. Let me illustrate what is in the claim, by borrowing a health care example of Arnold Kling:
The collectivist feelers base their appeal for a right to health care on the presumption that health care is necessary. However, as I have learned by reading the work of economists such as John Wennberg -- and as I have pointed out here and here -- much health care is in fact discretionary. By that I do not mean unnecessary, but still above and beyond the sort of acute care or basic services which are called to mind when the phrase "right to health care" is invoked.

I wonder which European politician would dare to tell the truth? Bolkestein maybe. Being honest with the voters, unfortunately doesnt pay of. You just have to be 'romantic'.


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