Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Central Planned Economy II

In the current economical situation, the government discovered a new and urgent problem. In Dutch they are called 'huisjesmelkers', so-called rack-renters.

People that rent out buildings, houses, rooms that are in a condition that the government doesnt think meets the minima. Anyway, my question is why would people rent those if there would the same kind of housing that is better? It is the simple law of demand and supply. If we want more homeless people or people spending more of their budget than they can afford on housing then we should just keep on intervening. But we can also offer a solution for that problem, rent subsidies. The government will solve everything.

Now we have another liberal mister of 'living' Marino Keulen, who wants the state to decide which houses should be renovated and when. And of course the owner can pay again. Haleloeia. In Portugal the liberals are called social democrats, in Belgium the socialists are called liberal.

The liberal recepy of Verhofstadt & Co for economic growth: regulation!


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