Monday, June 06, 2005

"Europe in the making"

Justine Henin, just won the French Open better known as Roland Garros. Sport figures that profile themselves as Belgian are a nice welcome to all those that are in favor of Belgian unity. It is my prediction that the chances for separation are best when the following conditions are met. (1) the soccerteam doesnt qualify for the worldcup, and (2) some member of the royal does something really stupid, given the record of both princes Laurent and Philip, that is not too unlikely. Some political requirements for separation? Euhm, somebody that yells in the Flemish parliament, "we declare Flanders Independent", that should do it. Okay, we could put it in a law.

But I wanted to mention something else. Justine Henin makes quite a lot of money with her exceptional tennis talents. Unfortunately the worst enemy of rightly earned money is the Belgian state. So she is considering to move a more tax friendly environment, Monaco. The hilaric thing is how Claude Eerdekens, a frenchspeaking socialist and minister of sport (yes, we have two or three ministers for everything, the Belgian way of jobcreation) commented on that possibility in GVA "I don't believe Justine moves for fiscal reasons, but for personal reasons. It is not that nice that you cannot go to a restaurant without being disturbed." This is already naive, but what comes next is fantastic: "we also have think more in terms of a Europe that constructs itself." I never knew myself, that Europe had anything to do with people moving to Monaco. If it is the case, I would be happy to join. Unfortunately, my chances of winning a Grand Slam are non-existing.

What Eerdekens is saying is actually let us create a huge bureaucracy in Brussels, so we can create some extra jobs for me and my colleagues. If public choice theory was a religion, I am a believer.


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