Thursday, June 09, 2005

European Neo-con

Andreas Kinneging, a professor in the philosophy of law has recently written a book, "Geography of Good and evil". For this occasion he is interviewed by the Flemish magazine knack.

He is described, and I believe describes himself as conservative. However, there are different kind of conservatives. I think it would correct to described him as a European neo-conservaties. Why?
(1) In favor of a European Federation. Kinneging has a certain obsession in creating a unified europe that is on a more equal footing with the US, China and Russia. (Paleo-)conservatives would be more in favor of 'state rights', in this case not that interested in the creation of a European superstate.
(2) Political participation. Kinneging seems to have pretty naive ideas about encouraging people to more political participation. (Paleo-)conservatives in general believe apathy to be a more crucial ingredient. People have other things to do, like make a living.
(3) Most neo-cons were either Marxist or Maoist in their younger years... Kinneging admits to growing up in the shadow of may '68 and all of its influences.


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