Saturday, June 11, 2005

Global warming is like dating

A friend of you knows you are single, and he says to you "I know this chick, she's hot and I am sure she will like you". Unfortunately the same night he suggests to meet her, you have some other important prioritities like an exam, see family or some basketball game. And several other guys have told you she is boring and ugly. What do you do?

Global warming is the same; someone tells you there is a problem, others however tell you it is bogus and their arguments aren't easily rejected either. So you are in doubt. You could address this issue with a lot of money. But there are a zillion other problems out there as well. What do you do?

Look here for the Copenhagen Solution. As Thomas Sowell always says "there are no solutions, only trade-offs".

PS Important is also to ask who the 'friend' is! If he once belonged to the club of Rome, you have reason to be skeptical. If he recently got charged with terrorism too.


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