Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The insitutionalization of Islam

The thought is "put it into a formal form, that of an institution" and you will be able to control and use it more to your advantage. Officially it is mostly formulated this way "the government needs a communication partner with the Muslim community" which means "the government is desperate and sees no way out anymore". (Even France has gone this way, and the French are not likely in general to follow what can be called the British model.)

The Belgian Muslim Council is thus supposed to be an instrument for the government have a better knowledge of what is going in the environment of the different Muslim communities in Belgium. "If we subsidize the whole thing, they will listen better...."

Despite the fact that Islam means peace (it doesn't), the Belgian security service needs to screen each candiate. I guess that has its reasons. I believe that the first time over 20 of the 68th candidates were refused... somewhat comparable with the recent elections in Iran. Here supposedly the fundamentalists, there the moderates. Nevertheless in a number of cases, the political establishment did not find it wise to follow the advise of the security service, so a number of extremists were welcomed. Instead of dealing with a problem of religious fundamentalism, the goverment is encouraging it.

What is the problem now? The previous executive board of that council blocked the building, so the newly elected council could not enter. Anyway, these Muslim councils seem to have quite a lot of problems. In France, in jaruary the last woman quitted a similar council. Again a perfect example how the solution to a problem becomes an even bigger problem. See also here and here. And what about the following claim:
"Only about 10% of French Muslims pray at mosques regularly, a fact secular Muslims cite to argue that the CFCM is not representative of all Muslims here."

So the argument can well be made that the government is worsening integration and as such achieving what it wants to avoid in first place: problems of integration. What happened to the separation of church and state, or better mosque and church?


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