Monday, June 06, 2005

Ministery of Insults III

De Gucht is not the only politician guilty of making insults. There was an employee of vice prime minister Vande Lanotte who was designing stickers with a picture of Bush, and the American Stars and stripes behind him, and on there the text"Go ahead. Piss on me”. These were to be placed in the urinals.

Defense minister Flahaut (PS) caused many rows, but one year ago he came "under heavy criticism for approving an official document that says the United States is responsible for the biggest genocide committed during the past 500 years".

This guy also claimed that the US army is inefficient. I wonder what adjective he would use to describe our army (if you can uberhaupt call it an army). And he also said that he would vote for the democrats if he were a US citizen.

What is true in both cases, the US and Belgium is that the army is used for the politics of pork. Recent example, Flahaut advocated the purchase of 90 milimeter canons... because the only company that makes ammunition for these canons is Mecar, and yes they happen to be based some where in Wallonia. It is all about the votes.


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