Sunday, June 05, 2005

Ministery of Insults

The previous Belgian minister of foreign affairs, Louis Michel had already quite a big ego. (Dont confuse him with his son who was also somekind of minister. Belgium is a 'familycracy', politics as family business.) Big Loulou, his nickname caused a couple of scandals himself being minister. There was the Yerodia affair, there was his calling for sanctions on Austria and forbidding people to go skiing there etc. The list is quite endless. Somebody should write a book about it, Diplomacy for Dummies, and fill the chapter 'pittfalls' with references to Big Loulou.
(His anti-war rhetorics earned him a position in the European Commission.)

Well the new minister of foreign affairs, Karel De Gucht should maybe also read such a book. He has created a diplomatic incident comparing the Dutch prime minister, Jan Peter Balkenende with Harry Potter. I agree, the haircuts are somewhat similar, but doesn't he have anything else to say in an interview? I guess not. What I found more offensive was the condescending tone on the results of the referendum in the Netherlands on Flemish public tv (Canvas).

What's next?


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