Wednesday, June 29, 2005

MO and NEY

A while ago somebody asked me which newspaper or weekly is more to the right and which one is more to the left? The answer for the Flemish editorial landscape is very simple. There are none on the right side, only on the wrong -excuse me- left side.

Once in a while Trends or Knack will publish something that has some economical common sense to it, but in general they also drown in socialist rethorics. There is even worse. If you take a subscription to Knack you automatically get this magazine called Mo (Mondiaal Magazine) too, which is by the way (partly) paid for by the DGOS, Belgian development cooperation (read the taxpayer).

This week they have an article with the title "we need more taxes"... yeah sure, we get the logic -> more taxes -> more DGOS -> more for MO!!! It is all about the MO, MO, MOney.

Never is there a substantial argument that more taxes will lead to a better world. It all about making it sound nicely, throw in words like moral, ethics, obligation, etc... not bothered at all by any knowledge of econonics. People rather hear nice lies, than ugly truths. Forget that East European countries with the flat tax leave poverty faster than those who do not have a flat tax. But yeah, facts ... who need facts? Neo-Marxism is alive and kicking.

By the way, an article on Mugabe's this week would not have been a bad idea... but no again anti-capitalism, anti-Israel, ... fills the pages, paid by the taxpayers.

PS The economist has some facts on the flat tax. See here and here.


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