Thursday, June 09, 2005

Strange Alliances

(1) Liberal MP J-P Dedecker wants that animals that are ritually slaughtered are benumbed first. All Flemish parties are in favor. The PS is NOT in favor. So the only party that cares about the extra cost of this extra measure are the French speaking socialists! I guess they have some other reasons. But it is surprising to see who is on which side of the table in this debate. And the consequence of this measure will again be, a higher price for the consumer, worsening of our competitiveness compared to the neighboring countries and ultimately a loss of jobs. Wasn’t this government going to create jobs? By hiring people that give anesthesia I guess.

(2) Bart Staes MEP and a member of the Flemish Green Party, wants to have the tobacco companies playing a greater role against the sales of cigarettes on the black market. Well, what the logic of the common enemy isn’t responsible for.


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