Thursday, June 09, 2005

The victims of crimes

The university of Limburg has found in a study that people of foreign descent are more often the victim of crimes than other people. Interesting finding. This shows that measures against criminality should be supported even more by those on extreme left side of the political spectrum who always claim to be on the side of immigrants and minorities.

Thomas Sowell, a black conservative has made a similar claim about blacks in the US, who are the victim of crimes to higher proportion. Read here.

"Violent crime is another social problem that hits blacks especially hard. In some years, there are more blacks than whites murdered in absolute numbers. However, even in high-crime neighborhoods, most people are not criminals, but are more likely to be victims of crime. That is especially true of black ghettos. In some of these neighborhoods, the probability that a young black man will be killed is greater than the probability that an American soldier would be killed in World War II."


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