Tuesday, June 28, 2005

When atheists start loving the pope...

Oriana Fallaci has in a recent interview put her trust in nobody else than the new pope. Quite an amazing decision for any atheist. (Also amazing that a 76 year old is putting the future in the hands of a ...78 year old.)

Strange bedfollows indeed, Fallaci and Ratzinger. Some would say that the principle: the enemy of the enemy is my friend can explain to length such sympathies. Recently some other atheist explained it to me as searching a counterweight for multiculturalism (with Islam as a central issue). That counterweight is then the Catholic Church or Christianity in general.

We are reminded here of the great historian Edward Gibbon who wrote The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire over two hundred years ago in which he commented not only on Christianity but also on Islam.

Gibbon makes no secret of his admiration of the Turks, and he derides both the effeminate Greeks and the crude Franks who went on the First Crusade? Why?The simple answer is that Gibbon was a religious skeptic, and like other skeptics of the 18th century, he was irritated by Christian morality that told him to take only one wife, whom he could not divorce. The sensuality of the Muslim view of life and the afterlife and the cynicism of its politics appeals to the imagination of anti-Christian skeptics of every age and, at the very least, prepares them to take the Muslim side in very Balkan war.

For the entire piece, see here.


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