Sunday, July 03, 2005

Quote of the day

Once I had to read Lani Guinier's book Tyranny of the Majority for a seminar on American government. I disliked the book a lot -in short because if we assume that tyranny by the majority exists, replacing it by a tyranny of the minority is even worse.

Anyway, one of the most discussed ideas of her book is so-called proportional voting. Instead of giving everybody one vote, you give people several votes. Minorities then can use these votes en bloc and gain power from this bundling of votes. (At least that is the theoretical idea, if I recall well.)

Paul Jacobs, an American conservative makes fun of her while discussing the debate over the future replacement of Supreme Court judge O'Connor.
"So, if these nominees don't please Democrats in the Senate or the Washington interest groups, perhaps there is another way. Take a page from Lani Guinier and establish a form of weighted voting. So, rather than pick a brand new justice, simply let Clarence Thomas vote twice on every decision."


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